AIRPORT OFFICE ONE, Am Flughafen 19, 12529 Schönefeld:


Where people are working together towards a common goal, particular requirements are placed on planning and architecture. To this end, gatelands relies on renowned architects and experts who know what it means to create a location where people love to stay and work.


The AIRPORT OFFICE ONE at the intersection of "Kienberger Allee" and "Am Flughafen" provides tailor-made spaces starting at 250 m² for single, open-plan or combination offices. The various space solutions allow for flexible and needs-based offices, the modern domestic engineering guarantees a sustainable and energy efficient building. That means the AIRPORT OFFICE ONE provides ideal prerequisites for a company location with an image and added value.


We received the building permit for the first office project on gatelands, for which the preliminary renting has already begun. Please get in touch with us at any time by using our contact form <Rental request> below this text.

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Standard floor 2. – 6.

Usage: office
Property area: approx. 4,000 m2
Rental space: approx. 7,295 m2
Rental space divisible from: 250 m2
Storeys: ground floor + 6 standard floors
Architekturbüro J.S.K. International