SKYGATE OFFICE (conception)


Here you can set up a branch office, subsidiary or your corporate headquarters.


The Skygate Office is visible from a distance on the A 113 freeway and offers optimal advertising space on the roof and facades. It is based on a modular system.


Depending on need, individual building sections can be erected in stages, without impairing the existing structure. Along an internal access road, the closed business areas will be laid out like a comb. The individual office units can be connected with one another to provide a single closed unit. The variety of usages can be organized in stories, but can be combined over a number of stories. In this regard, the connecting bridges of the individual office structures should be viewed as providing a multitude of usages. Not only expansion of the neighboring administrative areas is possible, but meeting and conference rooms, meeting points, reception areas, product promotion, etc.


The street-side of the buildings serves as the accesses to the entrance halls and the underground parking. This means that four independent access points are possible. A separation of the tenants is possible at the entrance level. The yard-side with the small canal provides special spaces with various areas for intensive functions such as the cafeteria, conference center, training, IT area, etc.


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GL8 - GL9 - GL10Ground floor
Standard floor

Usage: office
Property area: approx. 10,400 m2
Rental space: approx. 25,000 m2
Rental space divisible from: 2,000 m2
Storeys: ground floor + 5 standard floors
Architects: NEUMANN Architekten