Efficient mobility means connecting people and markets faster.

Mobility – the ability of people and goods to move quickly, reliably and safely – is of great importance in our highly specialized economy based on the division of labour. Even the Internet and e-commerce haven’t changed the fact that people have to and want to be mobile and that goods have to be transported during the production process and then reach the customer following their completion.


As a result of EU enlargement, Berlin has become the geographical centre of the European Union. Thanks to its sophisticated infrastructure, the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is now the metropolitan region of Europe with a dense and high-quality infrastructure in its public transport network. Once BER is complete, the overall project will be rounded off with a highly efficient and attractive airport connection.


The outstanding air, rail, road and water infrastructure enables extremely fast connections to both national and international markets and makes up the centre of the trans-European commodity flow. The motorway connections along the north-south axis run from Scandinavia to southern Europe, while the west-east axis stretches from Rotterdam to Moscow via Berlin and Warsaw.